India Pixie
India Pixie
Fashion blogger, Creative, Visual.

I’m India Hannah Pixie, the girl with the unfortunate middle name and an obscene amount of sunglasses.

Donald Trump would describe me as an hysterical man-hater, but we call it being a feminist.

I fucking love Clint Eastwood movies, I don’t know why, he’s all I ever want to watch and maybe, he’s the reason I love cowboy boots so much.

My favourite charity shop find is my vintage leather jacket with the ridiculous tassels, which, I probably wear way too much.

I once found a pair of authentic 1970’s cowboy boots for £2.50 in my local Oxfam, they aren’t my size but I wear them anyway.

I have an abundance of, questionable? tattoos, there’s a little story behind each and every one.

I once begged my mum to bid on a vintage bath at an auction, she wouldn’t do it. I lived at home. We already had a bath. I still think about it now.

I love taking photos using disposable cameras, the excitement of not knowing how it will turn out excites the heck out of me.